ProSEO Marketing Solutions by WebPodium Get 1st Page Results!

Proactive Search Engine Optimization Marketing (ProSEO Marketing) is a synergy of Local Search & Ad Marketing Strategies that Increase Organic Ranking!

ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently and Purposefully to attain Your Business Objectives & Marketing Goals by increasing Search Engine Rankings.

Our Synergized Local SEO, Ad & Video Marketing Strategies were developed over many years of Digital Marketing Consulting by fine-tuning Processes that consistently get 1st Page Search Ranking Results.

The ProSEO Marketing Strategy is based on Success Principles, like Forward-Thinking, Coordinated Task Execution, Collaborative Content Generation, and Strategic Backlinking to establish a Competitive Marketing Edge of ExpertiseAuthority & Consumer Trust (EAT).

Your Website must promote Trust, Load Fast and be Mobile Friendly (Responsive) to Convert Customers in Today’s Digital Marketplace only having 5-7 seconds before they click or swipe to go elsewhere.  

We Make Your New Customer’s 1st Impression ProSEO Awesome!

ProSEO Marketing Solutions by WebPodium, Inc. | Local SEO & Marketing | Carlsbad, CA

Get 1st Search Page Ranking Results just like You Can See in our Client Results Portfolio! ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

Are Your Google Search Rankings 2%'ers?

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2nd Page+ Search Results Share 2% of Organic Traffic!
If your Business Search Listings are on the 2nd+ Results Page, 2% is all the Organic Google Traffic Left to Split & Share!


1st Page Search Results Share 98% of Organic Traffic!
ProSEO Marketing is how Your Business Listings can move up to Google's 1st Page Search Results & 98% of Organic Traffic.

Get 1st Search Page Ranking Results just like You Can See in our Client Results Portfolio! ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

Industry Best Search Engine Optimization

Our Clients are on the 1st Google Search Results Page (SERP) for their Targeted Keyword Search Phrases and Locations.  You can see the results for yourself in our Featured ProSEO Client Portfolio.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Having a Mobile Friendly Website with a Modern Design is a Must-Have Today. WebPodium builds Business Websites. Our Business Websites have Content Funnels, Generate Leads & Succeed.

Content, Google & Facebook Ads for Marketing

Our Ad & Content Marketing Strategy is applying the right Methods and Services to the right situation, to achieve the desired goals. We Strategically use Ads, SEO, and Social Media in our Marketing Strategies.

Managed IT Support Services

Don’t wait until your Business System’s Downtime Costs Your Profits. Contact our IT Support Staff to get all Your Systems Running Smooth Today and Protected Tomorrow!  That is What We Do!

Our Philosophy

“Success is not what you accomplish in your life… It is about what You Inspire Others to Accomplish in Their Lives…”

ProSEO helps Entrepreneurs take Ideas from Concept, to Startup, to Successful Business Enterprise. 

WebPodium, Inc. is your Online Small Business Success Partner.

Small Business Owner's Need ProSEO Marketing | Local SEO & Marketing Service | WebPodium, Inc.

Real ProSEO Clients & Real Search Ranking Results

Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agencies present past results with Case Studies and Screenshot Graphs. WebPodium confidently provides Real-Time Local Search Results of Current Clients.  Below are Real ProSEO Clients & Real-Time Rankings:

"I was skeptical in the beginning, but didn't believe Yelp Advertising was really doing much for my business, so I gave WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing Services a chance.

It did take a few months to truly see the increase of the phone ringing, but it is clear now that I made the right decision having to increase my staff to handle the growing customer base.

My website consistently is in the Top-3 & have some #1 Map & #1 Google SERP Listings!  Thank You ProSEO Marketing!" 

Jay Adkins

Owner, Capital Hood Cleaning, Sacramento, CA

Below are Keyword Search Phrase Links that a Potential Customer would type in the Google Search Engine to find a Sacramento Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service. 

Please Click on any of the Links below and see Real-Time ProSEO Results:

Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc.

Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. is Master Craftsman Custom Driveway Security Gate & Customer Garage Door Install and Repair Service in the Truckee, Ca Area. 

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

CFS Fire Protection, Inc.

CFS Fire Protection, Inc. is a Fire Protection Inspection,  Testing & Certification Service for Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler & Kitchen Fire Systems in Sacramento, Ca.

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

Premier Auto Tint

Premier Auto Tint is a Professional Auto Window Tint, Clear Bra (Paint Protection) & Vehicle Wrap Service in El Dorado Hills, Ca..  ( Tesla Motor Club Vendor )

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

What Our Customers Say About ProSEO Marketing Services

Our ProSEO Marketing & Digital Advertising Services are dedicated to the Success of Our Clients which we Showcase with Real-Time Search Engine Optimized Ranking Results in our Client Results Page Profiles.  Seeing Results is Believing ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

"I've been with WebPodium ProSEO Marketing for almost 5 years and I ask my Customers every time how they found my business. 

It's like a broken record, "on Google" or "I did a Search" and rarely is it Angie's List, HomeAdvisor or Yelp.  You can find my Driveway Gate & Garage Door Service Listings at the top of a couple-dozen Cities in my Service Area and I'm usually booked out for months in advance.

I'm about to double my business and focus on opportunities working with very high end Driveway Gate Clientele putting in FAAC Gate Systems on $100k-$500k Projects!  ProSEO Marketing Rocks!" (Click Here for Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Shane Dalton

Owner, Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc., Truckee, CA

"CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has been with WebPodium for over 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about their services. They manage my Email, the Website, and even helped us integrate Jobber to streamline our Northern California Service Area Operations. 

I say this to anyone reading my review, I am on the 1st Page in over 150 Northern California Cities, and I have literally asked a few times to turn my website off, because it is difficult to hire qualified Fire Protection Staff as fast as I get more business. 

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful problem and thankful that I have WebPodium taking care of my Online Business so I can concentrate on my Fire Protection Operations. If you want your Service Area Business to get found online and Your Business to grow, you really want WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing!" (Click Here for Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Rory Bateman

Owner, CFS Fire Protection, Inc., Orangevale, CA

"We started out having WebPodium redesign our Website then opted-in for the ongoing ProSEO Marketing Services and haven't looked back. I'm an Auto Film Installation Expert, but I'm not a computer guy.

Thankfully, WebPodium handles our Website, our Email, and they are who we call when we have a computer problem.  Premier Auto Tint's Website is on Google's 1st Page in about 2-dozen Cities in my Service Area.

All I know is my phone rings and I'm usually booked out for months.  WebPodium ProSEO Marketing Does Get Results!" (Click Here for Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Nick Williams

Owner, Premier Auto Tint, El Dorado Hills, CA

What is WebPodium, Inc.?

WebPodium is an Online Business Solutions Provider that helps Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) Present their Business Offerings to Online Consumers. Our ProSEO Marketing Services are Modular and Configurable, so we can offer only the services needed for your “current business needs”, allowing Your Business to grow from Idea to Enterprise.

Our Mission

Provide Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) with Ad Marketing Solutions enabling Small & Medium-Sized Businesses to Excel in Today’s Digital Marketplace.

To provide a Cost-Effective Services Subscription Model using Modular Marketing Components, Customized Specifically to the Requirements of Each Client reducing upfront costs.

Our Vision

To become a Comprehensive Entrepreneur’s Business Solution guiding them through proof of concept Ideas, to Startups, to Successful Businesses.

We look beyond our offerings of Web Design, SEO, Marketing, and Managed IT Support Services to the future of providing HR, Legal, and Accounting for Small Businesses with Temporary Staffing & Full-Time Employee Services.

Why Choose Us?

Our founders have over 75 Years of Combined Information Technology Business Experience having worked in the Military, Government Consulting, Executive Staffing, Software Development, and IT Managed Support Services. Our Combined Knowledge and Experience Helps Your Online Business Succeed.

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Our ProSEO Marketing Process

ProSEO Marketing is our Time-Tested Methodology that integrates Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) with Everything Created for Advertising and Content Marketing".  Our ProSEO Marketing Solutions are based on our Results Driven ProSEO Processes of Strategy, Execution, and continual Optimization Branded as ProSEO Marketing.  



ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently and Purposefully through proven of Local Search & Ad Marketing Strategies that Increase Organic Ranking.



Proactively Executing the Strategic Marketing Plan's Tasks is key to the overall success of the ProSEO Marketing Campaign. SEO Tasks are implemented prior to Marketings for a Unified Campaign Launch.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Process of Analysis, Planning, Execution, Observance, Analysis, Strategy Review, Optimization, Planning, and RepeatProSEO Marketing applies this Process to all of the Solutions we offer.