Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) for Small Business (SMB)

WebPodium Managed IT Support Services Provider (MSP) Support Staff are Your Business Continuity Success Partners!  We Keep Your Business Systems Operational.

Your Business is unique and within your control, yet the Systems and Technology that run your business are ever changing, and require expert attention to keep them going.

When they fail, so does your Business Operation. Downtime is Expensive. Downtime & Emergency IT Support can be very Expensive. That is where we come in.

Don’t wait until your Business Systems Downtime Costs You; Your Business. Contact us to get Your Systems Running Smooth Today & Protected Tomorrow! That is What We Do!

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management Services

Officemate Application Support & Vendor Liaison

Operating System, Software & Antivirus Security Updates

Cloud Backup, Restore & Disaster Recovery Services

Proactive System Failure Alerts, Reporting & More...

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Getting Started with WebPodium MSP Services

After our initial FREE Onboarding Consultation, we will understand your business systems, network configuration, and how your business operation uses your systems.

We will then use this Onboarding Information to begin an In-Depth Analysis of your Business Systems to create a Baseline Inventory Audit of your current Network, Devices, Operating Systems and Software, to document your Business Systems Current Status.

Once the MSP Monitoring Agents are installed and activated, the issues identified during the Analysis Phase will be resolved through Virus Scans, Operating Systems and Software Updated, and any Configuration Changes Implemented.

Award Winning MSP 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support Services in 4 Quick & Easy Steps:

Monitoring Agents Installed on All Devices

Remote Support Software is Installed

WebRoot Antivirus Software is Installed

System Backup Agents are Installed

That’s about it, and Yes, it is this easy for Our Support Services to start protecting your business systems.

Contact us when you want to know more about getting started or are needing immediate Systems Support.  We are here to help.

Quick & Easy Software | MSP Support Desk: (916) 619-0600

Practice Management Systems & Software Support

Ophthalmologists / Optometrists Business Practice Systems & Application Support

We provide Specialized HIPPA Certified System and Software Support for Practice Management Softwares like Officemate.

Although Software Vendors provide their own Support Services, they can be limited or unavailable due to any of the following events:

  • System Updates Require Data Migrations
  • HIPPA Requirements Change System Codes
  • Separate O/S or Vendor Application Update Issues
  • Server to Workstation Software Connectivity Fails
  • Vendor Support Services are Overwhelmed 

When System and Software Update Issues bring your systems down, Vendor Support Services can become overwhelmed and you may not be first in their Support Queue, maybe days out. We can help.

When Your Business is Down, waiting for 24-48 Hours for Overwhelmed Vendor Support can become Expensive or even Detrimental to Your Business.


WebPodium MSP Support Services can Proactively Prevent Many Issues from becoming Downtime and can be there when Vendor Support cannot. We can be your Primary Support, not a backup.

You don’t have to wait in a long Vendor Support Queue any longer, you can now contact our MSP Support Desk at  (916) 619-0600.

We are ready to Help Your Business get Back Up and Running with:

  • System, Software & Network Access Troubleshooting
  • Server Software Installs & Upgrades
  • SQL Server Installs and upgrades
  • SQL Backup and Restore
  • SQL Database Repair & Maintenance
  • Equipment & Device Integrations
  • Workstation Software Management & Support

Business Systems Management, Vendor Liaison Support, Software Management, Hardware Break-Fix, & 24/7 Monitoring Services | MSP Support Desk:  (916) 619-0600

Support Services to Keep Your Business Running Successfully

Business Support Solutions

We provide all the services needed for most Small Businesses (SMBs) including Home & Remote Offices, yet offer Specialized Services for:

  • Dental Practices
  • Ophthalmic Practices
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Remote Offices & Networks
  • Special Plans for Home Offices

Cybersecurity Smart Services

NextGen Proactive Protection for Networks, System Endpoints, and Users utilizing Webroot’s Predictive Threat Intelligence Agent.

  • PC & MAC Protection
  • Data & Identity Security
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Real-Time Anti-Phishing
  • Blocking of Harmful Sites
  • Firewall & Network Monitor
  • Background Security Scans

24/7/365 Systems Monitoring

Our Managed Support Services are Proactive in protecting your systems from issues vs being Reactive when unnecessary issues finally happen.

Monitoring, Backups, Software & Operating System Updates, Virus Protection & Best Practices is how.

MSP Services are considerably less expensive than Emergency Services.

Officemate & Liquid EHR Support

We can provide System Support for Practice Management Softwares like Officemate.

When Vendors have HIPPA, ID10, and other Updates, they can quickly become overwhelmed with calls, leaving you trapped in a long queue; maybe with days of Expensive Business Downtime.

We support the same systems with lower rates. Call us when you can’t wait for support, we’ll be here.

SW & O/S Update Management

Ensuring your Software and Operating Systems are up to date is the best way to avoid Vulnerability Exploiting Hackers & Schemes.

  • Windows critical updates
  • Installation of Microsoft updates
  • Install driver updates
  • Install Java updates
  • Install Adobe Updates
  • System reboots if needed

Regular Cloud Backups

Regularly Scheduled Backups to Cloud Servers Securely enables Remote Data & System Recovery.

  • Security Focused Storage
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Machine Backups
  • Fast Backups & Recovery
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Data Archiving & File Versioning
  • Bare Metal System Recovery

Vendor Support Liaison

Most Small Businesses do not have IT Systems Support Staff making it sometimes difficult to communicate with the Systems and Software Vendor Support Reps, in addition to taking time away from Business Operations.

Because you are our MSP Client, and we have all the information about your business systems, we can work directly with your Vendor Support Reps, so you can take care of Business. Nice, right?

Remote System Support

Remotely Accessing Business Systems for Support is much easier today than even a few years ago. As long as we have Internet connectivity, we have System Support Connectivity.

Consider the Cost & Time Savings to Troubleshoot Issues with Servers, Workstations & Wireless Networks.

Immediate Remote Access can bring your business back online before an IT Tech can drive to your location without a Minimum Emergency Support Fee. 

System Alerts & Reporting

All Systems, Devices, and Network Connectivity is Monitored 24/7/365.

Alerts are sent immediately upon discovery as Proactive Warnings to resolve them before they are issues.

Monthly Status Reports inform you of such warnings like hard drives with bad sectors (Physically Starting to Fail).

This allows you time to budget accordingly for a new drive and have it replaces before it fails.

General Non-Managed IT Services | MSP Support Desk:  (916) 619-0600

Information Technology (IT) Services & Business Application Support

IT Services & Support for Small Businesses are pretty much the same types of Support Services of a Managed Services Provider (MSP), except they are generally a one-time Services or Support Issue endeavor.

Also, because the Services & Support Fees for the one-time IT Project Tasks are generally significantly higher, as they are not at a reduced Service Level Agreement Rate due to the ongoing Managed Services Contracted Services.

Many Small Businesses use Specialized IT Consultants, Vendor Provided Services, and MSP Services to do IT Project Based Jobs like New Equipment Rollouts or Software Migration or to resolve urgent issues and business system outages not covered by an MSP Service Level Agreement.

Below are some Services & Support that would fall under the One-Time IT Projects:

Network Services & Support

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Server & Workstation Rollout
  • Router & Access Point Rollout
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Network Design Implementation
  • Network Security Audits

Software Services & Support

  • Installation of Turn-Key systems
  • Spyware Protection & Removal
  • Virus Protection and Removal
  • Security Patch Management
  • Network Security Auditing
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network Managment Services

  • User Policy / Role Configuration
  • Asset Assessment & Inventory
  • Network Design Implementation
  • Firewall and Security Solutions
  • Hardware and Software Sales
  • Webmail & Hosted Email Support

F.A.Q. | MSP Support Desk:  (916) 619-0600


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Regular Help Desk Hours?

Yes, we do have Regular Hours for our Help Desk Operations from 8am-8pm  Pacific Standard Time.

However, if you are a Managed Services Client, we Monitor all your Servers, Workstations, and Network Devices 24/7/365.

Our MSP Reporting Solutions also keep you informed with Warnings about Potential Issues, before serious issues occur, which greatly reduce overall Support Overhead, not just Expensive Emergency Support.

Do You work with our Current Vendors?

Yes.  We actually prefer to work directly with your current vendors, and generally, have relations with them already.

If we are your MSP, we have all the information they need and we speak Information Technology (IT).

This streamlines troubleshooting issues and we can get right to the solution, while you are running your Business Operations.

It is a Win-Win-Win, Right?

Please understand, that we do not negotiate pricing or terms with your other vendors.  Such business aspects and responsibilities are outside of our services and scope of support.

Do you Support Printers?

Yes.  If the Printer is Connected to your Network or Workstation, and we can Remotely Access it through an Internet Connection, we should be able to assist you with getting your printer setup or working.

We will need a staff member to help with the physical setup and troubleshooting steps like reading the printer display screen, confirming the test pages print, and things like turning it on and off.

How often do you come to our Location?

It is very unlikely that we will visit your Location.

We primarily provide our Support Services Remotely, through the MSP Software on your Servers & Workstations.

If we cannot walk a member of your staff through non-technical steps to resolve the support issue, we would contact a “local to you” IT Support Service to assist or have replacement equipment sent to you next day.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an Information Technology Support Services Company that Remotely Manages a Customer’s IT Infrastructure and/or End-User Systems.

This typically covers Hardware, Software Support for the Network Systems like Servers and Network Devices like Wireless Access Point, Employee Workstations and Laptops on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.

The MSP Business Model differs from other types of channel companies, such as Value-Added Resellers (VARs), as MSPs charge for their services under a set of Service Level Agreements with customizable fees based upon the number, type, and configuration of systems, in addition to labor, replacement equipment, and emergency support services.

MSP Pricing Models are also discounted through volume, becoming less expensive as the number of per-device, per-user and all-inclusive pricing configurations are calculated.

Because of these variations, it is important to utilize our FREE Consultation Session to understand your needs to provide an accurate assessment of necessary support services. 

Give us a call or email or use our contact form to Get Started Today!

Break-Fix Services vs Managed Services; What's the difference?

Break-Fix is essentially a Reactive way to approach resolving IT Equipment Issues. 

When you discover Hardware that is not working or is physically broken, the device must be fixed or replaced, depending on what it is and how it is used.

These services are usually billed on an hourly basis for labor and replacement components and generally have a set minimum fee, regardless of a successful repair.

The Managed Services Model, is a Proactive way to assess the current status of all your Network Systems, Workstations and Devices and create a plan to resolve issues before they become Emergency Support Problems.

24/7/365 System Monitoring, Sofware / Operating System Update Management, and Hardware Device Maintenance make it possible to find issues before they are a problem.

This is why MSPs utilize a Subscription Model for their Services providing ongoing Preventative Support.

The goal is to keep your business operation running and infrastructure issues at a minimum.


Is my Business too Small for Managed Services?

No.  If you are in business and want your systems monitored, software updated, virus protected and have everything backed up to the cloud, then you are just the right size for Managed Support Services.

Our Solutions are Scalable and will allow us to structure a support plan to meet your business requirements whether you are a Small Office, a thriving Business Center or are working from a Home Office.

Use our FREE Consultation Session to see what we can do to Support Your Business Endeavor!  Contact us Today!


What is the Best Way to Submit a Support Service Request?

You can submit a Support Services Request to us in three ways:

  1. Call: (916) 619-0600 for our Managed Services Support Team.
    1. Best to Call if there is a lot of information to go over or this is your first time contacting us.
    1. Best for direct responses to specific questions that are not necessarily time sensitive.
    2. If you Email our Support Desk Team, you will receive a Response Email with Login Access to our Support Portal where you can Track your Support Ticket and future communications.
  3. Use our MSP Contact Support Form at the bottom of this Web Page.
    1. Good for all inquiries, but Calling is usually the quickest and easiest way to get the answers and information you are seeking.
Can Managed Services Save My Business Money?

Absolutely!  The Median Salary of one Information Technology Staff Member in the U.S. is somewhere around $50,000-$78,000 a year, plus benefits and other compensation.

WebPodium’s MSP provides an entire team of dedicated, knowledgable, and skilled IT Professionals at a fraction of those costs and because we monitor your systems 24/7/365, not 9-5/Mon-Fri, you have better support coverage and proactive maintenance and software updates in addition to Vendor Liaison Support Services.

Yes, an MSP Service is overhead, but the reduced Staff and Emergency Support Services Fees would only be compounded when your business is down, because of a Vendor Update and their overwhelmed Support Staff can’t get to your place in their Call Queue for a day or two.

Because we work with your Systems and Software Vendors, we’ll be able to prepare for their Updates and Other System Requirements, which again, proactively keeps your business running.

Proactive Support is almost Always Less Expensive than Reactive Emergency Support.

Can I Get Support when something Breaks instead of Paying a Monthly Fee?

Of course, you can.  Just understand that the Industry Standard Support Service Fees are generally substantially higher than that of Contracted Managed Services.

We do offer a one time opportunity for New MSP Client’s to receive discounted Support Services if they become an MSP Client prior to our Support Service.

Simply put, we will present you with an MSP Contract for the ongoing Support Services required for your specific business needs, and a one-time administrative setup fee, but you will get the MSP Client Reduced Rates.

The initial cost for the MSP Contract is usually much less than that of an Emergency Support Service call, as there can be hours of:

  • Troubleshooting
  • System Backups
  • System Restores
  • Hardware Testing
  • Application Configurations
  • And Your Vendor’s Support Time
  • Etc.

This is just a short list of areas that will need to be addressed should your business systems fail and 4-8 hours of time to resolve the issues, or longer.

Most Emergency On-Site IT Support Services will charge a Minimum Support Fee of 1-3 Hours of their Emergency Support Fee which will vary with the time of day and the time of the week you need them.

Thumbtack lists the Average Cost for a Network Technician ( in the Sacramento, California Area around $70-$90 per hour.

If you read the article explaining what this includes you will see that this is for basic computer support, upgrades, setting up printers and such, plus components and “additional support services”.

Data Recover is $100-$150 an hour, and Hard Drive Recovery / Backup Restores can add an additional $500 to the overall cost alone.

Remember, this is a Thumbtack Tech, who does not likely work with Business Server Systems, SQL Administration, Specialized Configuration Training, Extensive Experience Troubleshooting Application Connectivity of Complex Business Application like for Practice Management Softwares like Liquid EHR and Officemate. (HIPPA Compliant Ophthalmologist & Optometrist Business Software.)

Vendor Support for such Remote Support Services are $150.00+ an hour for Application Support and closer to $200 for Server Support and a new Support Queue to wait in…  And these prices are Reduced Support Contract Client Rates.

So, yes… you can call us or your Vendor when something breaks, but if you do not have Contracted Support, it is going to be a Pretty Penny.  

MSP Services through WebPodium is a fantastic way to keep Emergency Support and Business Downtime from eating your profitability in one big bite at a time.


What if I have Problems after Regular Work Hours or on Holidays?

MSP Clients are Covered!  There is always Support Technicians on call, hence the 24/7/365 Monitoring.

This weekend and holiday coverage is another great reason to Subscribe to our Managed Support Services!

You call.  We Answer!

What is Service Areas do you cover?

We provide National Managed Support Services.  Our Services are performed Online and Remotely, so our only Service Area Requirement, is that your Systems & Devices are Accessible to our Support Techs via the Internet for most of our Support.

If there is a need for physical interaction during the support, we will work with one of your staff members who are familiar with the component, and will walk them through the usually non-technical steps.

If your business is in the United States, and have Internet Connectivity, you are pretty much in our Service Area. 

Ask Questions & FREE Consultation!

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