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ProSEO Marketing with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, GEO Local Display Ads, PP-Click, PP-Call & InterAct Video Marketing Services.

WebPodium, Inc.’s Search Marketing Methodology is based upon “Proactive Strategies, Execution & Optimization Marketing” or “ProSEO MarketingSolutions.

ProSEO Marketing Solutions were developed from years of Consulting Projects providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Services to Small & Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Clients, resulting in a synergy of Local Search, Ad, Content, and InterAct Video Marketing Strategies that consistently Increase Organic Google Search Ranking Traffic.

ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently and Purposefully to attain your Business Marketing Goals by increasing Search Engine Rankings by putting your Brand & Business information where your Customers are online.

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Our ProSEO Marketing Strategy is based on Success Principles, like Forward-Thinking, Coordinated Task Execution, Collaborative Content Generation, and Strategic Backlinking to establish a Competitive Marketing Edge of Expertise, Authority & Consumer Trust (EAT).

Your Website must promote Trust, Load Fast and be Mobile Friendly (Responsive) to Convert Customers in Today’s Digital Marketplace as <Today’s Online Consumer allows only 5-7 seconds of decision time before they click or swipe to go elsewhere.  It is well known the 1st Impression (of Your Business Website), is a Lasting ImpressionLet’s make Your Customer’s 1st Impression Awesome with ProSEO!

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ProSEO Marketing & Advertising Strategies Produce Real Results!

Most Business Owners have a good idea about what they want to present to their customers, but what Technologies to use and how to Manage the Ad Campaigns is outside the scope of their daily operations.  We help You do this.

Best Digital Strategy for Your Business?

The Best Digital Strategy for Your Business is developed by learning the ways of Your Customer.  Knowing Your Customer’s Persona is vital to a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy. If You know what they want, your halfway there!

Many Consumers won’t Click on Google Ads if they find what they are looking for in the Organic Results. ProSEO Marketing is a Strategy of Optimizing both SEO & Marketing to accomplish Business Objectives.

ProSEO Marketing is “Everything Digital” with many options, for the overall Strategy including Blog Articles, Social Media Posts, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Business Directories, Press Releases, etc. which all link back to your Website’s Landing Page, as part of a Successful ProSEO Marketing Solution.

Local GEO Ad Fencing of Physical Locations

GEO Local Ad Fencing is as simple as it sounds. Geo-Fencing uses Advanced GPS Satellite Technology to outline a “Fence” around a Physical Location, hence the phrase, “Fencing“.

Our Systems tracks the Devices, usually Mobile Phones, of the Potential Customers who entered the “Fenced Area” (Competitor’s Location) and shows them Your Business Promoting Ads Online!  Very Powerful!

Utilizing our Big Data Collecting Systems and Ad Bidding Management Processes to filter Audience Demographics, we fine tune, and Qualify Customers to Target.

The Marketing Opportunities are Endless, and our Dedicated Ad Team will Help You, “Think Outside the Box” and “Pinpoint” Target Customers Where They Frequent!  You just provide the Competitors to Target!

Use Your Customer’s Purchasing Persona

Customers spend more time online on average than they do at work, every Week!  They are online, but do you know where they are online? We need to know to do Targeted Marketing Campaigns.

Although Advertising Mediums like Television, Radio, and Billboards still have their place, Digital Advertising and Targeted Demographics Search Marketing are how to reach Today’s Online Marketplace.

Just think, we live in a world today with more active cell phones than we have people on the planet, and this does not count PCs, Macs or Tablets.

This explainer video is an overview of Digital Advertising and the benefits you are looking to promote your Business to your Customers.

Your Online Reputation Makes or Breaks Sales!

Did you know 88% of Online Shoppers consider Reviews when making buying decisions?  Your Reviews can be the deciding purchasing factor between you and a Competitor.  What’s Your Review Strategy?

Not Responding to Negative Reviews can be damaging to your Online Reputation that Ads, Coupons nor SEO can overcome. 

Positive Reviews create Trust and Your Digital Reputation will positively influence your Search Engine Rankings and Customer Conversion Rate.

In the Online Marketplace, Reputation is Key to Business Success.

Email Marketing is a ProSEO Strategy!

Email Marketing is a very important part of an effective Marketing Plan. Yet, it is often missing from Digital Marketing Service Offerings.

Building Customer Email Lists is essential for Small Businesses to Customer (B2C) communication and Product/Service Marketing.

There is an art to crafting Email Marketing Campaigns & Newsletters. There is also a necessary etiquette to the frequency and quality of the emails, so the are not Marked as SPAM.

We help you keep your Customers informed out of the SPAM Folder.

WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing Solutions Get Results!

Today’s a Great Day to Start defining Your Online Business Brand and Focusing on Your Marketing Strategy.

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Our ProSEO Marketing Process

ProSEO Marketing is our Time-Tested Methodology that integrates Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) with Everything Created for Advertising and Content Marketing.  Our ProSEO Marketing Solutions are based on our Proven Results Driven Best Practice SEO Process of Strategy, Execution, and continual Optimization we have Branded as ProSEO Marketing.  



ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently and Purposefully through proven of Local Search & Ad Marketing Strategies that Increase Organic Ranking.



Proactively Executing the Strategic Marketing Plan's Tasks is key to the overall success of the ProSEO Marketing Campaign. SEO Tasks are implemented prior to Marketings for a Unified Campaign Launch.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Process of Analysis, Planning, Execution, Observance, Analysis, Strategy Review, Optimization, Planning, and RepeatProSEO Marketing applies to all Solutions we offer.

What Our Customers Say About ProSEO Marketing Services

Our ProSEO Marketing & Digital Advertising Services are dedicated to the Success of Our Clients. We showcase this with Real-Time Search Engine Ranking Results on our Client Results Page's Profiles.  When "Seeing is Believing", its easy to believe ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

"I've been with WebPodium ProSEO Marketing for almost 5 years and I ask my Customers every time how they found my business. 

It's like a broken record, "on Google" or "I did a Search" and rarely is it Angie's List, HomeAdvisor or Yelp.  You can find my Driveway Gate & Garage Door Service Listings at the top of a couple-dozen Cities in my Service Area and I'm usually booked out for months in advance.

I'm about to double my business and focus on opportunities working with very high end Driveway Gate Clientele putting in FAAC Gate Systems on $100k-$500k Projects!  ProSEO Marketing Rocks!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Shane Dalton

Owner, Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc., Truckee, CA

"CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has been with WebPodium for over 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about their services. They manage my Email, the Website, and even helped us integrate Jobber to streamline our Northern California Service Area Operations. 

I say this to anyone reading my review, I am on the 1st Page in over 150 Northern California Cities, and I have literally asked a few times to turn my website off, because it is difficult to hire qualified Fire Protection Staff as fast as I get more business. 

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful problem and thankful that I have WebPodium taking care of my Online Business so I can concentrate on my Fire Protection Operations. If you want your Service Area Business to get found online and Your Business to grow, you really want WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Rory Bateman

Owner, CFS Fire Protection, Inc., Orangevale, CA

"We started out having WebPodium redesign our Website then opted-in for the ongoing ProSEO Marketing Services and haven't looked back. I'm an Auto Film Installation Expert, but I'm not a computer guy.

Thankfully, WebPodium handles our Website, our Email, and they are who we call when we have a computer problem.  Premier Auto Tint's Website is on Google's 1st Page in about 2-dozen Cities in my Service Area.

All I know is my phone rings and I'm usually booked out for months.  WebPodium ProSEO Marketing Does Get Results!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Nick Williams

Owner, Premier Auto Tint, El Dorado Hills, CA

ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently, and & Purposefully with a synergy of Local SEO & Ad Marketing Strategies that are proven to Increase Organic Search Engine Ranking. ProSEO Marketing Services render 1st Page Google Search Results!

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