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Geo Local Ads Are Powerful

"Geo-Fencing Creates an Outline "Fence" Around Your Direct Competitor Locations to Track Devices "Mobile Phones" to Target Display Ads, Coupons & Special Offers from Your Business. Powerful!"

Geo Local Ads by WebPodium offer Advanced GPS Satellite Technology to "Fence" Your Competitors and Target Your Business Ads to Their Customers.

Using Your Competitor's Marketing Budget to bring Customers in, "Pre-Qualified Leads", and send them Your Marketing Ads.

Geo-Fencing One Competitor could Double (2x) Your Marketing Reach.  We can Geo-Fence up to Ten (10) Competitors to 10x Your Marketing Reach!

Are You Interested?  If you are, you should contact us before any of your Direct Competitor do! Once a Business is Our Client, our future Clients cannot Target or "Fence" Your Business! Being First is to Your Advantage! Contact Us Today!

Geo Local Conquesting

"Geo Conquesting is Tracking the "Device" (Mobile Phone), that enters a Geo-Fenced Location until it Enters Your Business Location. Meaning, Geo-Fencing Ad Marketing Works!"

Think about what this Marketing Strategy Means for Your Business. Competitors use their Marketing Budgets, just like you, to attract Customers. But, You Only Targeting THEIR Customers "Pre-Qualified Leads" that walk through their Doors!

Our Satellite Technology picks up Mobile Advertiser ID's and we Advertise to them for the life of their Mobile Phone, on PCs, on Macs & Tablets too!

Our Marketing Managers utilize Focused Customer Demographics, for Your Industry, to further Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer Marketing to them Online 24/7.

Geo Conquesting Your Competitor's Customers is a Powerful Marketing Strategy that You Want... Don't allow your Competitor's to Target You.

Contact Us Today & Start Conquestion Your Competitors Tomorrow!

Ad Retargeting Strategy

"ReTargeting Ads is an Important Aspect of Onlne Business to Promote Your Brand, Products, Services, and Special Offers to Cold Customers. Only about 2% of Web Traffic Converts on a First Visit, so ReTargeting keeps you Mindfully Visible."

Website Ads, Social Media Ads and Display Ads all can utilize ReTargeting within a Marketing Campaign and Synergy of these Platforms increase Brand Visability.

The Marketing Rule of 7 developed by the movie industry in the 1930s, states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to see a movie. (DigitalDealer)

In Today's Digital Marketplace, the Rule of 7, is more like 7 Times a Day! 

This is why a Comprehensive Marketing Plan and Multiple ReTargeting Platforms are necessary to have a Competitive Advantage Online.

Geo Local Ad Case Studies

"With Advertising, the question Business Owners ask is, "Will It Work?" When the Marketer says, "Yes.", the Business Owner says, "Show Me." Below are three "Show Me" Case Studies."

Case Study #1:  New & Used Car Dealership in Southern California who Geo Targeted 6 Local Direct Competitors. This Dealership typically closed 30% of serious buyers. Sold 263 Cars from 877 Competitor Walk-In's in the first 120 Days.

Case Study #2:  Used Car Dealership in Northern California on a long street with about twenty Direct Competitors who Geo Targeted 10 of these Competitors. Tracked 492 Competitor Walk-In's at a Cost of $27.44 per Qualified Lead over Six Months.

Case Study #3:  A City in Florida needed to raise Taxes another $.02 cents. The community was outraged. So, to plead the City's Case, specific Zip Codes & Adults over 21 were Targeted for Ads of actual Firemen, Police, Ambulance Drives, and Pot Holes to convey the necessity for the additional Tax. Total Ad Spend $6,687 in 38 Days to reach Adult Voters over 1.5 Million TimesIt passed by 51%

Consider what Geo Local Ad can do for Your Business... Contact Us Today!

Local GEO Ad Fencing of Physical Locations

GEO Local Ad Fencing is as simple as it sounds. Geo-Fencing uses Advanced GPS Satellite Technology to outline a “Fence” around a Physical Location, hence the phrase, “Fencing“.

Our Systems tracks the Devices, usually Mobile Phones, of the Potential Customers who entered the “Fenced Area” (Competitor’s Location) and shows them Your Business Ads Online! Very Powerful!

Utilizing our Big Data Collecting Systems and Ad Bidding Management Processes to filter Audience Demographics, we fine tune. and Qualify Customers to Target.

The Marketing Opportunities are Endless, and our Dedicated Ad Team will Help You, “Think Outside the Box” and Pinpoint” Target Customers Where They Frequent!

Audience Demographics Targeting

There are 1,000’s of Audiences, GEO Locations, and Demographics that we Target for You.

We consider age, employment status, job title, interest, car they drive, marital status & more!

The options and Marketing Strategies are Endless! Once we understand your business goals, we will then help you describe your perfect customer, and our world class team of marketers will determine and manage the perfect audience for you.  We are your Marketing Success Team!

Website Targeting

Marketing does not stop at Audience Demographics, it also includes Business Websites that we will target to further your marketing customer reach.

We can select specific websites to show your business ads on that match your Customer Persona developed in the Audience Demographic Process.

If you sell auto parts, we show them on auto sites, giving you the ability to not only have a focused audience, but show them your ads when their focus is clearly on your industry or product.  Ad Visibility is the Key to Conversion.

Retargeting Strategy & Systems

Now that we are using Ads & Websites to start driving some traffic, we need to retarget the consumers who are interested, who didn’t bite on the first cast.

Nearly 97% of users don’t take action the first time they are on a site.

So, it’s imperative you continue to stay top of mind to the audience that has shown some interest in your brand.  We can continue to send them your ads for months depending on the Buyers Persona.

If we are not working on your website, we will produce and provide the easy to install Retargeting Code and walk you through a quick 2 minutes install.

What Our Customers Say About ProSEO Marketing Services

Our ProSEO Marketing & Digital Advertising Services are dedicated to the Success of Our Clients. We showcase this with Real-Time Search Engine Ranking Results on our Client Results Page's Profiles.  When "Seeing is Believing", its easy to believe ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

"I've been with WebPodium ProSEO Marketing for almost 5 years and I ask my Customers every time how they found my business. 

It's like a broken record, "on Google" or "I did a Search" and rarely is it Angie's List, HomeAdvisor or Yelp.  You can find my Driveway Gate & Garage Door Service Listings at the top of a couple-dozen Cities in my Service Area and I'm usually booked out for months in advance.

I'm about to double my business and focus on opportunities working with very high end Driveway Gate Clientele putting in FAAC Gate Systems on $100k-$500k Projects!  ProSEO Marketing Rocks!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Shane Dalton

Owner, Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc., Truckee, CA

"CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has been with WebPodium for over 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about their services. They manage my Email, the Website, and even helped us integrate Jobber to streamline our Northern California Service Area Operations. 

I say this to anyone reading my review, I am on the 1st Page in over 150 Northern California Cities, and I have literally asked a few times to turn my website off, because it is difficult to hire qualified Fire Protection Staff as fast as I get more business. 

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful problem and thankful that I have WebPodium taking care of my Online Business so I can concentrate on my Fire Protection Operations. If you want your Service Area Business to get found online and Your Business to grow, you really want WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Rory Bateman

Owner, CFS Fire Protection, Inc., Orangevale, CA

"We started out having WebPodium redesign our Website then opted-in for the ongoing ProSEO Marketing Services and haven't looked back. I'm an Auto Film Installation Expert, but I'm not a computer guy.

Thankfully, WebPodium handles our Website, our Email, and they are who we call when we have a computer problem.  Premier Auto Tint's Website is on Google's 1st Page in about 2-dozen Cities in my Service Area.

All I know is my phone rings and I'm usually booked out for months.  WebPodium ProSEO Marketing Does Get Results!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Nick Williams

Owner, Premier Auto Tint, El Dorado Hills, CA

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