Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional Services

Start Increasing Your Online Business Rankings Today with ProSEO Marketing! It is how You get ahead of Online Competitors & Increase Sales.

Our ProActive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) Process and Alpha SEO Business Growth Services are a Full-Service On-Site and Off-Site Custom SEO Service that is perfect for Businesses that want to establish Local Online Brand Visibility for the Geographic Location of their Business. 

Get the Google 1st Page Rankings You Seek! 

Why ProSEO & 1st Page Google Ranking Results are Vital to Online Business

Understanding that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only about optimizing your Website, is your first step to learning how powerful WebPodium’s ProSEO Marketing Methodology is for increasing Brand Visibility and your Website’s ability to Rank in Search Engines


Goal: 1st Page Ranking

Our Initial Goal is to Rank Your Primary Keyword Phrase on Google’s 1st Search Results Page!


Goal: Top-5 Ranking

Our Primary Goal is to Rank Your Primary Keyword Search Phrase in the Top-5 Organic Search Results!


Goal: Top-3 Ranking

Our Ultimate Goal is to Rank Your Primary Keyword Search Phrase in the Top-3 Organic Results!

The Below Backlinko Case Study also indicates Less Than 2% of Google Searchers clicked on something on the second pageDo You?

Backlinko analyzed 5 million Google Search Results to better understand Organic Click-Through (CTR) Traffic Rates.

Here are the Case Study’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Organic CTR Traffic Percentages for the Top-10 SERP Rankings.

  • # 1 Search Result:   31.7%
  • # 2 Search Result:   24.71%
  • # 3 Search Result:   18.66%
  • # 4 Search Result:   13.60%
  • # 5 Search Result:     9.51%
  • # 6 Search Result:   6.23%
  • # 7 Search Result:   4.15%
  • # 8 Search Result:   3.12%
  • # 9 Search Result:   2.97%
  • #10 Search Result:  3.09%

 ** Above Click-Through Rates span across the Case Study’s 5 Million Google Search Results, Numerous Categories & Niches so the Calculated Percentages are not exact, yet the SERP Ranking Value is clear.

WebPodium’s ProSEO Marketing Services produced the 1st Search Page Ranking Results of our Featured Clients that you can see Real-Time!  ProSEO Marketing Gets Real Results!

Our ProSEO Marketing Process

ProSEO Marketing is our Time-Tested Methodology that integrates Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) with Everything Created for Advertising and Content Marketing.  Our ProSEO Marketing Solutions are based on our Proven Results Driven Best Practice SEO Process of Strategy, Execution, and continual Optimization we have Branded as ProSEO Marketing.  



ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently and Purposefully through proven of Local Search & Ad Marketing Strategies that Increase Organic Ranking.



Proactively Executing the Strategic Marketing Plan's Tasks is key to the overall success of the ProSEO Marketing Campaign. SEO Tasks are implemented prior to Marketings for a Unified Campaign Launch.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Process of Analysis, Planning, Execution, Observance, Analysis, Strategy Review, Optimization, Planning, and RepeatProSEO Marketing applies to all Solutions we offer.

Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Proactively in Synergy with Marketing to Strategize, Optimize & Execute Tasks That Increased Ranking.

Today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just about your Website. WebPodium’s Search Optimization Methodology is a Proactive Strategy of Task Execution (SEO & Marketing) with ongoing Optimization that entails Optimizing Everything Branded Online“.

ProSEO Marketing is for your Online Brand, Reputation, and Industry positioning your competitive Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT).

Your Website must promote Trust, Load Fast and be Mobile Friendly (Responsive) to Compete in Today’s Digital Marketplace.

Today’s Online Consumer allows only 5-7 seconds of decision time before they click or swipe to go elsewhere. It is well known the 1st Impression (of Your Business Website), is a Lasting Impression.  Let’s make your Customer’s 1st Impression Awesome with ProSEO!

ProSEO Marketing produced the 1st Search Page Ranking Results of our Featured Clients and we will do the same for Your Business!

ProSEO Online Business Optimization Services


Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO)

ProSEO ensures Hosting Server Configurations, On-Page & Off-Page Ranking Factors are implemented, and Online Assets (Blogs, PRs, Posts, Backlinks,  Social Posts, Business Directories, etc.) are Optimized for Search Engine Indexing & Ranking.


Lead Gen Phone & Email Tracking Service

We offer Lead Generation Phone Number and Email Tracking Services from Straight forward Tracking to Enterprise Call Routing for Marketing Teams and Multiple Departments.  All Call Tracking Plans include Call Recordings, Blacklist Blocking and Reporting.  Great for Affiliate Marketers Too!


Business Directory Listings & Citation Building

Business Directory Services ensure your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) is Accurate which is very important to your Local Rankings. We update the 4-Major Data Aggregators to distribute accurate NAPs throughout the online ecosystem where ever your Customers may go. 


Technical SEO & Competitive Auditing

If your website is not Technically Sound, it will have great difficulty ranking against your Competitors.  We offer Technical SEO Auditing to ensure you can compete, then we audit your Competitors so you do.


Online Reputation & Review Managment

80% of Consumers Today Read Reviews and Research a Business before Purchasing Decisions are made.  If You are not responding to both Positive & Negative Reviews, you are not ensuing Customers Confidence in your Business. If they don’t have Confidence & Trust, they don’t Purchase. We can Help!

Video Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Regular Reviews are Great for building Consumer Trust. Yet, Video is the Future of Trust as Seeing is Believing.  Having Video Testimonials, Product, and Service Reviews is how your business will establish the Branded Trust a Customer needs to purchase. Video Review are Proven to increase Conversion.

ProSEO Website Development Services

Business Website Design & Development

We build Modern Mobile Friendly Business Websites with  Functional Designs for Capturing Customer Information and creating Opportunities for Sales Conversion. Lead Generation, CTAs, and Content Funneling for Conversions is included.

Client & Developer Feedback System

Website Development Streamlined! Client Staff can work with our Developers, suggest changes, review them, approve them, set priorities, and upload content. Screenshots can be made to remove confusion in Task Location and neuances of Design. 

ProSEO Ad Marketing Services

Geo-Fencing, Conquesting & Retargeting

Geo-Fencing to Market in Physical Locations and to Specific Demographics or to a Direct Competitor’s Location is a Powerful Method to Drive Qualified Leads to Your Business. You can Target 10 Locations at a Time!!!

Local Search, Google & FB Ad Marketing

Today’s Customers use Mobile Devices that return Search Results by Proximity.  If your Online Data is not Locally Optimized, there are less places for Customers to find your Products & Services. Paid Ads & Local SEO is Most Effective.

ProSEO Content & Video Marketing Services

Brand Promotion through Content Marketing

Brands are built as Consumers begin to Recognize a Business.  Increasing a Brand’s Visibility to Your Customer is Key to Positioning Your Brand in your Target Market. Our Content Marketing Strategies & 450+ Distribution Channels do Exactly That!  We create Brand Visibility and Local Marketing Results!


Press Release Writing & Distribution Service

Press Releases are an important part of any Online Business Promotion Strategy. We will help you write and distribute them to 100’s of Online News Media Sites. Press Releases are a Local SEO Ranking Strategy Must to Drive Organic Traffic, increase Keyword Indexing, and Increase Keyword Rankings.

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Blog Post Writing & Syndication

Blog Articles are of great Branding and Ranking Value if they are Search Optimized.  Internal Linking, Keyword Placement, and Publishing Syndication are Key Factors to increase Brand Visibility, Keyword Indexing, and Search Result Rankings.

Interactive Videos for Sales Conversion

Creating Videos that have Customer Interactions can take Customers through a Video Sales Funnel or to different Product / Service Selections to or do a walk through of each room of a Home for a Real Estate Listing. These Videos can move Customers from Curious to Convertions.

Personalized Videos for Marketing

Have a Customer Mailing List?  Put it to good use and create Marketing Videos with Your Customers Names, Locations, and other details within the Video!  Personalized Videos create an immediate connection with your Customers so they better Trust the Message and be One Step Closer to Conversion.

Google Video Ads and Social Media Video Ads

Videos for your Website, Facebook, Google Posts, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube to Advertise and Market your Business. Explainers, Whiteboards, Slideshows, Product Ads, Stories & Service Promotions to increase Brand Visibility & Sales.

ProSEO Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Messenger Bots & Storefronts

Facebook is important to an online business, especially an eCommerce business.  You need Automated ways for Customers to Interactively Chat  with Messenger and your Facebook Storefront Page for Conversions.

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Coupons, Perks & Contest Marketing Services

Ready to offer your Customers Special Offers, Coupons, Exclusive Deals, and Contests? Put them Pop Ups, Exits, Videos, Buttons, Lead Capture Bar, Social Media Sharing, etc. Ready to Get Your Customers Attention, this is how you do it.

Are Your Google Search Rankings 2%'ers?

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2nd Page+ Search Results Share 2% of Organic Traffic!

If your Business Search Listings are on the 2nd+ Results Page, 2% is all the Organic Google Traffic Left to Split & Share!


1st Page Search Results Share 98% of Organic Traffic!

ProSEO Marketing is how Your Business Listings can move up to Google's 1st Page Search Results & 98% of Organic Traffic.

Get 1st Search Page Ranking Results just like You Can See in our Client Results Portfolio! ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

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Real ProSEO Clients & Real Search Ranking Results

Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agencies present past results with Case Studies and Screenshot Graphs. WebPodium confidently provides Real-Time Local Search Results of Current Clients.  Below are Real ProSEO Clients & Real-Time Rankings:

"I was skeptical in the beginning, but didn't believe Yelp Advertising was really doing much for my business, so I gave WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing Services a chance.

It did take a few months to truly see the increase of the phone ringing, but it is clear now that I made the right decision having to increase my staff to handle the growing customer base.

My website consistently is in the Top-3 & have some #1 Map & #1 Google SERP Listings!  Thank You ProSEO Marketing!" 

Jay Adkins

Owner, Capital Hood Cleaning, Sacramento, CA

Below are Keyword Search Phrase Links that a Potential Customer would type in the Google Search Engine to find a Sacramento Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service. 

Please Click on any of the Links below and see Real-Time ProSEO Results:

Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc.

Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc. is Master Craftsman Custom Driveway Security Gate & Customer Garage Door Install and Repair Service in the Truckee, Ca Area. 

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

CFS Fire Protection, Inc.

CFS Fire Protection, Inc. is a Fire Protection Inspection,  Testing & Certification Service for Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler & Kitchen Fire Systems in Sacramento, Ca.

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

Premier Auto Tint

Premier Auto Tint is a Professional Auto Window Tint, Clear Bra (Paint Protection) & Vehicle Wrap Service in El Dorado Hills, Ca..  ( Tesla Motor Club Vendor )

Click Links Below to see Real-Time Search Results:

What Our Customers Say About ProSEO Marketing Services

Our ProSEO Marketing & Digital Advertising Services are dedicated to the Success of Our Clients. We showcase this with Real-Time Search Engine Ranking Results on our Client Results Page's Profiles.  When "Seeing is Believing", its easy to believe ProSEO Marketing Gets Results!

"I've been with WebPodium ProSEO Marketing for almost 5 years and I ask my Customers every time how they found my business. 

It's like a broken record, "on Google" or "I did a Search" and rarely is it Angie's List, HomeAdvisor or Yelp.  You can find my Driveway Gate & Garage Door Service Listings at the top of a couple-dozen Cities in my Service Area and I'm usually booked out for months in advance.

I'm about to double my business and focus on opportunities working with very high end Driveway Gate Clientele putting in FAAC Gate Systems on $100k-$500k Projects!  ProSEO Marketing Rocks!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Shane Dalton

Owner, Rolling Garage Doors & Gates, Inc., Truckee, CA

"CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has been with WebPodium for over 4 years now and I can't say enough good things about their services. They manage my Email, the Website, and even helped us integrate Jobber to streamline our Northern California Service Area Operations. 

I say this to anyone reading my review, I am on the 1st Page in over 150 Northern California Cities, and I have literally asked a few times to turn my website off, because it is difficult to hire qualified Fire Protection Staff as fast as I get more business. 

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful problem and thankful that I have WebPodium taking care of my Online Business so I can concentrate on my Fire Protection Operations. If you want your Service Area Business to get found online and Your Business to grow, you really want WebPodium's ProSEO Marketing!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Rory Bateman

Owner, CFS Fire Protection, Inc., Orangevale, CA

"We started out having WebPodium redesign our Website then opted-in for the ongoing ProSEO Marketing Services and haven't looked back. I'm an Auto Film Installation Expert, but I'm not a computer guy.

Thankfully, WebPodium handles our Website, our Email, and they are who we call when we have a computer problem.  Premier Auto Tint's Website is on Google's 1st Page in about 2-dozen Cities in my Service Area.

All I know is my phone rings and I'm usually booked out for months.  WebPodium ProSEO Marketing Does Get Results!" (Click Here for all our Real-Time Client Ranking Results!)

Nick Williams

Owner, Premier Auto Tint, El Dorado Hills, CA

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ProSEO Marketing promotes your Online Brand throughout the Internet Accurately, Consistently, and & Purposefully with a synergy of Local SEO & Ad Marketing Strategies that are proven to Increase Organic Search Engine Ranking. ProSEO Marketing Services render 1st Page Google Search Results!

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