WebPodium, Inc. has defied convention by announcing its Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) & Local Marketing Services to be branded as ProSEO Marketing Solutions. Further information can be found on their website: https://www.WebPodium.com/

Carlsbad, United States – September 19, 2019 /PressCable/ 

Earlier today, WebPodium, Inc. proudly announced the beginning of its newly Branded ProSEO Marketing Service, in development since 2016, and is a result of years of Best Practices Strategies developed providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing for our Consulting Service Clients.

The primary objective of ProSEO Marketing is to give Small Business Owners a Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) & Local Marketing Services Solution, with a proven ability to increase Organic Keyword Ranking, Online Business Visibility, and Customer Lead Generation for a competitive advantage in Today’s Online Digital Marketplace.

E. Droke, Regional Sales Manager at WebPodium, Inc., says: “We want to offer our services in a uniquely identifiable way that would separate our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services from the everyday SEO Marketing Pack.

It became clear, the best way to do this was to develop a new brand of our service offerings, deemed ProSEO Marketing, as the cornerstone of our Solutions.

Anyone familiar with Search Engine Optimization and Local Advertising Market has noticed that there are many Outsource Agencies providing superficial Search Optimization or believe that using an SEO Plugin can be called an SEO Service, yet not doing more than filling in the SEO Plugin’s Blanks.

This is a real problem for our industry because it leads their Client to believe that they are receiving value from the Service, yet their Website Rankings rarely achieve what was portrayed. Thankfully this isn’t the norm, but this few tarnish the genuine SEO Professional’s Reputation.”

WebPodium, Inc. will offer their ProSEO Marketing Solutions to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) who are looking to increase their online Visibility to Consumers, increased Search Engine Ranking Results, and generate more Sales Lead Opportunities online.

According to the WebPodium Regional Sales Manager, they have not (knock on wood) had a Client that did not Rank on the first Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with their Primary Targeted Keyword and believe this track record will absolutely continue as ProSEO Marketing Services and Solutions expand.

What also separates WebPodium’s ProSEO Marketing from other agencies is their Client Results Portfolio. It is populated with their real current Clients. What makes this special is they provided Keyword Search Links that produce Real-Time Google Search Ranking Results.

E. Droke commented, “We don’t just offer past Case Studies and SEO Report Screenshots. We supply the Keyword Phrase Searches that our Client’s Customers would use to find to search for our Clients online.

If you research other Website and Search Engine Optimization Services, they, of course, claim to have successfully increased Client Rankings, but you have to look at screenshots or read old Case Studies or just take their word for it.

At WebPodium, we believe that seeing is believing, so we let you see Real-Time Search Results. If you see a #1 Ranking in the Map Listings and a #1 Ranking in the Organic Search Listing, then that is what ProSEO Marketing Solutions delivered. The Search Ranking Results are absolute proof that ProSEO Marketing delivers.

We do not, like any reputable SEO Marketing Agency, ever guarantee #1 Ranking Results, yet our Clients are pretty appreciative when that’s what we delivered.”

WebPodium, Inc. values hard work Small Business Owners put into their businesses, yet services they need to grow, like SEO and Marketing, are usually outside the scope of their profession and they don’t have time to become a Technical SEO or Local Marketing Professional.

These issues are real to Small Business Owners who are looking to actually receive a return on their investment (ROI) greater than their monthly SEO and Marketing fees.

This situation positions WebPodium’s ProSEO Marketing Solutions for quite an opportunity for opening doors wide open for their services.

E. Droke also said “If we can help a business become more successful, we help them. It’s is all about doing the right thing, and why we gladly help out when we can.

We also know that all the SEO and Marketing in the world will not convince Consumers to purchase online from a website they do not trust. So, we always make the website a priority point of discussion with new Clients.

Once the Business Owner understands that their Business Website is a direct reflection of their Business online it makes everything else easier to accomplish. Realizing that their website is more than an Online Business Card is the trick because Its Presentation provides the 1st Impression, it provides the Sales Message, and it Displays the Products or explains the Services for the Business Owner.

When a Business Owner thinks about it, they want their Best Sales Rep on the floor to close the deal. Yet, sometimes this message and priority are not applied to their Business Website, which sells for them 24/7/365.”

WebPodium, Inc., has almost 6 years of dedicated Search Engine Optimization, Business Website Design, and Local Marketing Services Experience.

Although WebPodium’s time in this industry may not seem extensive on initial assessment. Further investigation will show that WebPodium’s founders have been in the Information Technology Industry with a combined 70 years of experience stemming from the Military, Government Consulting, Fortune 500 Companies, Executive Staffing, Small Business Consulting, Software Development, Network Engineering, and Managed Services IT Support (MSP). So, adding ProSEO Marketing Solutions to this list is in line with their vast array of Business Experience and Expertise.

WebPodium’s Executive Management believes Process is the Roadmap to Success and this is especially true for Business, as Business itself, is the Process of providing Products and/or Services for Profit.

WebPodium has streamlined its processes and established its Search Marketing Strategy, Branded as ProSEO Marketing, a synergy of Proactive Search Engine Optimization (ProSEO) and Local Marketing that consistently produces increased Keyword Search Rankings.

WebPodium, Inc. is a Veteran Owned (USMC) Business actively helping SMBs promote their Online Business.

More information about ProSEO Marketing and WebPodium, Inc. is on their website: https://www.WebPodium.com/

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